Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A few days have passed and not too much in the way of news from me.
Monday and Tuesday I was holed up in the Town Hall fitting carpet tiles all day from 8 ish till 6.
Didn't see much in the way of views but it all looked good in the end!
And today I headed up to St Martins to fit carpet right throughout a chalet.
It was a fairly straight forward job with the hardest part being to trim down 5 doors.
I returned back to St Marys on the Britannia at 2.30 and then went down to Porth Hellick to help with a beach clean that was done as part of a community project that our young footballers needed to do in able for them to attend this weekends fun and games with the Plymouth Argyle coaches on Saturday and Sunday up at the Garrison.
After tea I needed to go and help my dad pack as he is heading off to the mainland tomorrow in preparation for his hip operation on Monday.
I will join him on Monday for a week to help him out after his op and see to anything he may need.
Still very busy for the time of year really, normally by now things are starting to ease, but I am still ploughing my way through a long list of jobs that seems to stay the same length however fast or much I work!
Maye when I get back from the mainland I can get a grip on it all, get the work cleared and get that boat in and enjoy myself!
Well here's hoping!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sorry for the lack of regular updates just recently.
I have had a combination of being busy,great weather to enjoy and have had friends over visiting the island, so have been enjoying time with them.
Quite often this has lead to no time to update even though I have stacks of photos to put on here.
Today was back down to earth after a fantastic weekend that started well on Friday night with fish n chips and then out to watch the first men's gig race.
Saturday started sunny and totally cloudless and stayed that way right until now, and it is still sunny!
Saturday was a good day, we had a bit of housework to do in the morning and then in the afternoon I took out the boys while wifey caught up with some of her work paperwork.
On Saturday night it was our annual pool meal at the Galley, we choose a different venue each year and this year the Galley was a good choice.
The Galley is mainly a fish restaurant, but they do a good steak and other things too.
2 of our group of 8 had steak while the others including me went for seafood.
I had Brill which is a kind of flatfish.
It was done in a blue cheese sauce and mushrooms on the side,plus a choice of veg and some new pots.
I did without the cheese as it was quite strong and the taste of the Brill was enough flavour for me!
I can recommend it, also had starter and dessert.
Dessert was mighty fine but for the life of me I can't recall what it was called!
We had a few beers after the meal and got home just after midnight, lovely jubly!
On Sunday we had planned to go to St Agnes, a look out of the window first thing revealed another cracking day so of we went.
We didn't really have a plan on what to do or see as I get to most of the islands regularly and have probably explored every nook and cranny of each island now!
So we pleased the boys by heading to the beach where we played french cricket made sandcastle and lazed about until it was time for lunch.
Lunch on St Agnes if you can is best at the Turks Head which must have the finest view in the world for any pub.
We ordered and sat happily waiting enjoying the ever changing scene of the quay activity and bird life flying around (seagulls!).
I had a burger while the boys settled for chips, wifey had a ploughmans that was most excellent in fact it was all perfect!
After lunch our friends announced that they were of for a walk around Gugh and seeing as the boys were happily playing in the crystal clear sea I headed off with them with our youngest in tow.
It was a great walk and we saw lots of birds.
Must have been 40 or so Wrens,some Linnets,a Fulmar and some nesting gulls too.
The view from Gugh is quite commending offering a great perspective of St Marys and the other islands.
It was really quite hot by now in the mid afternoon sun and we had plenty of stops for pics!
Around the back of Gugh there is a lovely little secluded beach where a Shelduck was enjoying the warm sun too.
There are only 2 houses on Gugh and quite distinctive they are too!
We realised that time was getting on and it was almost time for the boat to leave so we headed back across the sandbar to St Agnes and met up with the rest of the family who were by now waiting for the boat.
Still time for a few more pics...
We had a nice calm trip home on the Sapphire and when back on St Marys headed off for an ice cream to finish off the day!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Some pics of the Tresco and Bryher ladies out practising today.
I have put the pics on here as I tried on Facebook but the quality was rubbish.
A post to follow this one..