Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates again.
I have been all over the place again, and last night watched the gig race.
I have been busy again today but have taken some pics.
Unfortunately I am off out tonight for the annual Pool meal.
We are going to the Galley for what will be a long night no doubt!
Tomorrow we are planning so go to St Agnes so with a bit of luck I will have time to do a post on Sunday night.....
Cheers George. :-)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A very busy day yesterday lead to no update.Sorry about that.
It was one of those days where I had allot of places to be one after another and a carpet to fit too and then with a Liverpool match a must see event meant that it was just too much to get on here and find anything constructive to type!
So onto today......
Well it all started of pretty grey and damp after yesterdays lovely sunshine and calmness.
Mike had a friend overnight for a sleepover and they were very good, we headed up to the swimming pool as the council are running free 1 hour sessions.
It was still grey and cloudy but was not raining the boys didn't stay in too long though as the water in solar heated and it was cooler than normal without the sun out.
I needed to do some shopping so went to do that along with starting off my job for today which was a landing and stairs in the same house that I worked in yesterday where I fitted a lounge carpet.
The morning turned out cloudy but dry and it held until just after lunch by which time I had cut up the carpet outside to fit on the stairs and had just taken it inside when it started to rain.
It rained for the rest of the afternoon my weather station recording 11.4 mm of steady rain, I expect it will be welcomed by gardeners as we have had very little rain in the past couple of months.
I got my carpets all done and headed home in time to drop off my son's mate down to the quay.
It was still raining but quite lightly and there was very little wind as we have the low pressure centered almost overhead of us today.
I took a few pics of the Scillonian and also one across the harbour showing the poor weather!
I then came home for what was supposed to be a barbecue party, however the weather quashed that idea so we cooked the meat under the grill and oven instead.
It was very good and our guests who both have a birthday tomorrow were both surprised and pleased.
And that's about it!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

So after a lovely sunny day and the 3 before it, it came as no surprise that today the rain came.
It was no bad thing though as I had a mountain of bills to type up and send out.
It took me all morning to get them sorted out,the whole time it was raining.
So I didn't miss much.
After lunch I still had a bit more paper work to do, and by around 2 ish or so I decided to go out to buy some fresh bread and other goodies that the Scillonian had brought in.
At the same time while I was out I thought I may as well drop off my bills by hand.
Brandon was keen to help and would make a great postman as he just loved running and posting the bills through the letterboxes, bless him.
By now the rain had stopped for while and now started again.
Just as I got to the Strand it was clearing away for the second time at which point I thought i'd get some pics.
The only pics i'd managed so far were a couple of the pair of Dunnocks that we have in the front garden.
Well I say garden more like mud patch!
The pics of the Dunnocks are ok considering that this pair never stop still for more than a couple of seconds due to next doors very vigilant and great bird catching cat.
He gets quite a few Sparrows, but these Dunnocks are far less confident and very nervy.
On the way home from town I stopped briefly at Old Town bank to see a yacht sailing pass the bay.
It was clearly quite choppy out there in the tide, quite a difference from yesterdays calmness.
Well its back to work for me tomorrow and I see the sun will e making an apppearance again.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

An early start was always on the cards this morning with 2 eager boys ready to see what the easter bunny had left for them.
They awoke us at 7ish and once we had woken up the little one we had a hunt around the front room for eggs.
They were all happy with what was left and we all had a little bit of chocolate before breakfast.
Very naughty!
After breakfast we didn't really have any plans until lunch so we did a spot of the usual tidying and washing again.
The day was looking great again with unbroken sunshine and hardly any wind yet again.
Darling wifey packed up a picnic and we headed off for a quick drive and took a few pics before heading up to Carreg Dhu gardens for a picnic and a family get together,egg hunt.
I had my lunch and headed off for a walk around half the island.
Got some good pics.
The mainland was looking very clear in the very good visibility and saw a couple of jets flying overhead and had a crack at those too.
The walk was much longer than expected and took allot longer than I thought.
The scene was beautiful from every direction today and there were many birds and flowers to photograph.
We certainly are very lucky to live in such a wonderful place.
On days like today the island can beat most places in the world for natural beauty.

Heres that boat again...