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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Truro Cathedral and the china clay mounds of St Austell behind.


  1. Love this view, Hello to K & T over there near the St Austell "Mountains" they look very picturesque with snow on them ! Sue

  2. I was up St Austell way yesterday afternoon and it looked amazing up there!
    Unfortunately just driving through so no time to stop for pics.
    If I get the chance I'll try and get back there.
    The photography there would have been superb yesterday.
    Tresillian looked fantastic too..

  3. George, you're not letting the weather keep you in - you be careful out there ! might be more snow this week - or maybe not ! all the different forcasters seem to be saying different things ! Sue

  4. John Roger Whitefield16 January 2010 at 17:25

    This is a lovely picture George. I had no idea the China Clay Tips were so close to Truro until I saw this shot. How much more impressive they would be if they had not been levelled off by some Cultural Vandal from County Hall. What a massive statement for Cornwall they still are though, along with the Tin Mines and beautiful beaches.

  5. The photo is slight deceiving in the sense that I was using a DSLR with a 300mm zoom lens.
    What tends to happen is the background can appear much closer than it really is.
    The tips of St Austell are some 20 miles or so from Truro so its deceptive how close they appear in this pic...